Our Holistic approach to healing is founded upon the Colloid Fluid Model.

This model states that our bodies (the muscle, bone, blood and organs) are not always static but capable of dynamically shifting from a more solid state to a more fluid state and back again.

Whether due to a physical and/or emotional trauma that essentially puts us out of alignment (our normal healthy state) we can often experience ongoing pain in areas far away from the treated injury site.

This is because our bodies are part of an interconnected system through the extra cellular matrix (the body’s communication highway) where a change in one area can affect changes in other areas of the body. Our Holistic approach and treatment methodology takes this into account unlike traditional medicine focusing just on the trauma area.

Our Methodology

Given the fundamental principles of the Colloid Fluid Model, we first administer a Heart Rate Variability Assessment to then accurately address the body and mind through the application of Manual Regulation Therapy.

Manual Regulation Therapy (MRT) engages the four modalities or treatments in order to return the body to its natural state.

The 4 Modalities (Treatments)

Applying MRT and engaging each modality systematically allows the body to work toward an ideal homeostasis on its own.

Please click on any of the four modalities to learn about them in greater detail.