Many of our patients come to us as a last resort, when they’ve reached the maximum benefit provided by allopathic medicine and other forms of healing. Others want to explore possible synergies drawing upon holistic alternatives.

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We use a combination of our three modalities or methods of treatment to spur healing.

Manual Regulation Therapy

MRT, a form of physiotherapy, is the culmination of two decades of Dr. Murray’s research and study at the intersection of alternative healing modalities, applied healing technologies, and traditional medicine.

MRT results in profound healing experiences from a wide range of health issues, from concussions and other TBI, to asthma, to chronic pain and more. Dr. Murray’s innovative, holistic approach to healing is life-changing and with unprecedented results.

MRT is based on the understanding that the human body exists in a state of fluidity where every part of the body and body systems are interconnected in that a change in one area can affect changes in other areas of the body. This is known as a dynamic colloidal system.

These techniques are aimed at gently freeing any areas of restricted movement in the body and helping clients explore any psychological components of their pain or disease processes.

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“My experiences with Dr. Murray have been so beneficial. He was the only one who figured out my dizziness was from my root canal!  He has helped me with healing from emotional pain and physical pain and his gentle concerned and heartfelt manner puts all us clients at ease!” – Long Time Patient

Biological Medicine

According to the Marion Institute, which manages the BioMed Network , Biological Medicine is “a sophisticated synthesis of the very best of modern western medicine and natural, alternative healing traditions…[incorporating] many of the great healing modalities of the world.” It works in harmony with the biology of the body and its natural healing capabilities.

In doing so, biological medicine treats the individual, not merely the disease. Using a combination of healing arts and healing modalities, Dr. Murray is able to identify dysfunction within the body and allow the body to restore itself. This is done through detoxification, rebuilding the digestive system, strengthening the immune system, and alkalizing the body.

Dr. Murray* is well known and respected within the Biological Medicine community, and his innovative MRT used in conjunction with biological medicine gives him the tools he needs to facilitate profound healing experiences in his patients.

*Dr. Murray is not a medical doctor or osteopath. He has two doctorates, including one in Integrative Medicine, and another in Traditional Naturopathy.

“Dr. Ron Murray is a highly gifted healer who is able to integrate the body’s physical systems with healing energetically and spiritually. He is a miracle-worker who provides real hope to so many! ” – Deanna Won, Col, USAF (Ret), Founder, Keynotes to Life, Health Coach

Personal Training

Dr. Murray’s fascination with the ability of the human body to protect and heal does not end with recovery from illnesses or injuries. He also maintains a philosophy of continued improvement, working with the body’s systems to get to the next level of health and fitness. His experience demonstrates that most people benefit from High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), resulting in improved performance.


Since the early days of his training on Olympic-style weightlifting, Dr. Murray has used the “periodization training” techniques, which were developed by the Russians and Bulgarians. This has evolved to utilizing high intensity training principles.

Phone Consultation

Dr. Murray can help you reach your health and fitness goals either in conjunction with the work he does in person (MRT, biological medicine) or independently of healing work. Topics may include:

  • Setting up an exercise program
  • Setting short-term and long-term health and fitness goals for healing

Dr. Murray’s phone consultations require payment when you reserve your time.

Initial consultation is 60 minutes. Follow-up consultations may be 30 or 60 minutes.

  • 30 minute consultation is $90.00
  • 60 minute consultation is $150.00